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Jul 7, 2022

In this week's episode of An Honorable Profession, NewDEAL Leader and host Ryan Coonerty talks with Montgomery County, PA Commissioner Ken Lawrence. He shares what the past couple of years have been like at ground zero for the "Big Lie," giving background and insight into the mechanics of how conducting elections works. Ryan and Commissioner Lawrence discuss how two separate battles have developed for Democrats to tackle: the strengthening of election accessibility and building trust with constituents on free and fair elections. Commissioner Lawrence shares what he hopes to accomplish as the Chair of NewDEAL's newly formed Democracy Working Group, including some replicable best practices and getting bipartisan buy-in on this work.

Listen now to discover what Commissioner Lawrence learned from participating in the food stamp challenge, the initiatives in his county that he is most passionate about, and how the county is recovering from COVID while also trying to overcome systemic inequities!