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Dec 21, 2023

This week, we want to take the opportunity to revisit our November 2023 conversation with political strategist and influencer Olivia Julianna. In this episode, hosts NewDEAL CEO Debbie Cox Bultan and Ryan Coonerty talk with Oliva about living in a conservative Texas household and how she started posting her political opinions online and received national attention for her direct and practical perspective on top policy issues. As her followers grew, so did the haters, including Congressman Matt Gaetz, whose disparaging attacks on her at a 2022 conservative summit motivated Olivia to leverage the limelight to raise $2 million for reproductive rights. Since then, her following has continued to grow, and now she is being asked to guide the White House and state and local leaders on how to connect with young voters. Olivia, Ryan, and Debbie also talk about the disconnect between online and real life, and why Olivia wants Democrats to use simple rhetoric to communicate with voters. Olivia also helps us unpack concerns around voter suppression ahead of the 2024 election, advises young people on how to get more involved in their local politics, and directs Democrats on how to rally voters. Tune in to learn more from this engaging conversation and hear why Olivia believes Texas will be a blue state by 2030.  

  • [01:05] A warm welcome to political activist Olivia Julianna, as she describes what led her to politics. 

  • [02:40] The challenges she’s faced in becoming an influential political voice. 

  • [10:07] What motivated her to persevere despite death threats and negative criticism. 

  • [12:38] The disconnect between what’s online and what’s happening in the real world. 

  • [15:33] How Olivia goes about raising the alarm on economic empowerment. 

  • [20:35] Keep it simple, stupid: How elected officials should speak to their constituents on key issues.

  • [23:03] Why Olivia believes that Texas will inevitably become an all-blue state. 

  • [27:20] Her concerns about voter suppression ahead of the upcoming elections. 

  • [30:25] Her advice to young people who want to get more involved in the politics of their area.

  • [33:28] A message to Democrats on how to rally voters for 2024. 

  • [36:30] Why you will not find Olivia running for federal office in Washington D.C.