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Apr 18, 2024

In our latest episode, co-host Ryan Coonety talks with Michigan Senator and Congressional candidate Kristen McDonald Rivet. They discuss Michigan’s Democratic leadership and how the state is adapting to the changing economy, addressing the public’s frustration with out-of-touch leaders, and enduring threats from extremist insurrectionists. Senator McDonald Rivet discusses her caucus’s priority of improving the economy and how, with the newly instated Democratic trifecta in the state, she has successfully championed the Working Family Tax Credit. In addition, she explains that, although Democrats have earned impressive successes, there are still political divides across Michigan with the public showing signs of frustration. McDonald Rivet talks about her journey in and out of public service positions and offers critical insights on building coalitions centered around a singular cause. Tune in to learn why she believes leading with hope is essential for the future of our country.



[01:05] An introduction to Michigan State Senator Kristen McDonald Rivet.

[02:02] Senator McDonald Rivet offers an overview of the current political climate in Michigan, which she refers to as ‘The Blue Wall’ of the midwest.

[03:37] Legislative changes and the economic focus behind the senator’s ‘Michigan Dream.’

[08:55] How policies championed by Michigan Democrats are translating to political sentiment on the ground.

[11:55] Reclaiming the concept of patriotism with a sense of hope.

[15:00] How working on Head Start programs with impacted families has changed her approach to policymaking and governing.

[16:00] Senator McDonald Rivet’s move into elected office after working behind the scenes.

[18:13] Why building a coalition starts with one person.

[23:20] What McDonald Rivet thinks is often behind the decision to vote for Trump in Michigan communities.

[25:20] Her decision to run for Congress and how she hopes to lead if elected.