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Apr 11, 2024

In this week’s episode, host Ryan Coonerty speaks with South Carolina Representative Marvin Pendarvis. They talk about the dynamics of South Carolina’s two-year legislative session, Pendarvis’s economic agenda, and how he actively engages with his constituents while working in a superminority. Pendarvis emphasizes the importance of ensuring that the Democratic party showcases their successes that are improving the lives of Americans across the country, and shares an insightful conversation he had at his local barbershop about the accomplishments of the Biden-Harris Administration. He also reflects on his path to public service, including a previous run for city council and how he narrowly lost before running for the state legislature and winning. In addition, the conversation digs into the political landscape of South Carolina in the wake of the Trump-Haley showdown, strategies for economic empowerment based on his mother’s experience raising five kids as a single mom, and the challenges of bringing people together in a bipartisan way in today's political environment. Tune in to learn more about Representative Pendarvis’s powerful story and the urgency of making an impact. 


• [01:04] An overview of the story behind South Carolina Representative Marvin Pendarvis’s
meaningful work and the current political landscape he is situated in.

• [04:28] His efforts to elevate his constituents’ voices and his goals for this legislative session.

• [08:58] Bringing folks together in a bipartisan environment to drive an agenda of support.

• [10:58] The messaging problem that exists in the Democratic Party and how it could be

• [15:49] How politics is playing out on the ground during early battles currently taking place.

• [19:34] Representative Pendarvis’ path to public office.

• [25:50] The benefit of jumping into public service as a young person.