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May 9, 2024

Recorded on stage at the NewDEAL Forum Ideas Summit in Phoenix, AZ, this week’s episode features Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb in conversation with host Ryan Coonerty. They talk about Bibb’s aspirations for improving his city, how he has set his top priorities, and his strategy to improve public safety and revitalize underserved neighborhoods using the influx of federal resources from the Biden Administration. They also talk about Bibb’s plans for building climate resilience and chartering healthy and safe communities. In addition, Bibb shares examples from his experiences as a first-time Mayor to highlight opportunities he has found for Democrats and Republicans to work together in Ohio. Tune in to hear about how Bibb manages a packed schedule and his predictions for the Buckeye State this November.


• [01:04] The story of how Justin Bibb came to be Mayor of Cleveland in 2022.

• [01:39] Maximizing the impact of Biden-era investments in Cleveland.

• [04:00] Two main areas that the city is allocating its recent investments.

• [06:09] How Mayor Bibb plans to leverage technological advancements to benefit Cleveland.

• [08:00] The once-in-a-generation opportunity that investment is affording cities.

• [09:38] Climate resilience in Cleveland and Mayor Bibb’s advocacy in this area.

• [11:40] The evolving role of mayors and the movement toward a country of city-states.

• [13:17] Predictions for Ohio’s voting and the unique opportunity to work together as Democrats and Republicans.

• [14:20] Expunging low-level marijuana convictions in his first year of office.

• [16:08] How Mayor Bibb uses structure to ensure he honors his priorities.