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Jan 25, 2024

In this week’s episode, co-host Ryan Coonerty speaks with New York City Councilmember Nantasha Williams. They talk about Williams' career path as a community leader, social justice advocate, and political organizer, and her commitment to improving life in her community by creating economic opportunities, championing housing, and protecting seniors. They discuss what people should know about how decisions are made at the local level and the challenges she seeks to address in 2024, including the unexpected issues that come up for local leaders, like fallen trees in her district. Williams also highlights the importance of transparency and accessibility in government, how more diverse leadership can result in better policies, and what inspired her to run for office. Tune in for a conversation about the profound impact of local leadership on our day-to-day lives. 

  • (01:52) An idea of what things are like on the ground in Queens right now.
  • (03:29) Why elected officials should be responsive, transparent, and accessible.
  • (04:40) How New York City is governed and how councilmembers factor into decision-making.
  • (06:43) How Councilmember Williams has built a coalition to move an agenda through such a large council body.
  • (08:47) How having a more diverse council leads to different policies and new conversations.
  • (11:14) Working within the system to change it: advice for those who believe that running for office means they have to compromise on their values.
  • (14:07) How a Donna Brazile speech inspired Williams to run for office.
  • (16:48) All politics is local: lessons she has learned since becoming a city councilmember.
  • (21:29) Trees, equity, and other policy goals she hopes to achieve in 2024.
  • (25:18) How Councilmember Williams strives to understand her political power and become a more impactful leader.
  • (28:01) Her recent appointment to the budget committee.
  • (31:11) Williams’s recommendations for where to eat and explore in Queens.