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Sep 28, 2023

In this week’s episode, co-host Ryan Coonerty speaks with Virginia State Delegate Irene Shin. They discuss her path to public office, the split partisan composition of the state, and how she aims to bring a fresh perspective and energy into her work to create a more inclusive democracy. Shin comments on the challenges of serving in a part-time legislature and the issues unique to governing in Virginia, as well as her decision to take on an incumbent in a primary. The conversation also touches on Shin's efforts outside the legislature, including as Executive Director of the Virginia Civic Engagement Table, and her time working for Vice-President Kamala Harris, underscoring the Delegate's lifelong passion for public policy and creating a more equitable society. Tune in to learn what motivates Delegate Shin and hear more about her mission to make Virginia a top state for business.


(0:02:49) Irene talks about legislating in a divided state.

(0:04:55)Thoughts on the prospects of winning back the house for the Democrats.  

(0:07:37) A look back at Irene's path to working in public policy and office, and the important early steps on this journey.  

(0:11:19)How Irene got elected and her reflections on the process.

(0:15:12) The biggest challenges of working within a part-time legislature. 

(0:17:28) Rethinking the legislature and who it serves; Irene shares why Virginia needs to move forward. 

(0:24:18) Irene's experiences of her identity in the context of Virginia and its history. 

(0:30:28) 'Divisive' subjects in US history and some of the hurdles that these have posed for Irene. 

(0:33:53) Economic initiatives in Virginia that have supported working families and businesses.