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Aug 31, 2023

Today kicks off a three week series celebrating National Voter Registration Month. Over the next few episodes, we’ll cover a range of topics, from threats to our elections system to how to remove the biggest barriers to voter participation, and shed light on the leaders who are helping to restore our democracy. We begin with Hannah Fried, the Executive Director of All Voting is Local, an organization that exposes and dismantles threats to voter freedom. Hannah speaks with host Ryan Coonerty about the keys for leaders across all levels of government to protect and advance voter rights. They discuss the current state of our democracy, expanding access to the ballot, and reasons for optimism in a world plagued by anti-democratic conspiracies. Hannah also shares her perspective on how to combat rampant election misinformation and tells us about her journey into protecting voting rights and what she enjoys most about the work. Tune in to learn more from this engaging conversation that reminds us all of our power to shape a better future for our communities and our country.



(02:15): A brief background of Hannah’s professional experience.

(03:07): All Voting is Local, its mission, and how it protects voter rights.

(04:33): Overview of the organization’s approach to its mission.

(07:20): The current state of democracy and politics in America.

(08:54): Reasons to be hopeful for the future of democracy in America.

(09:17): Highlights of challenges and threats to American democracy.

(16:25): A quick clip of a favorite moment from a past episode.

(18:18): Hannah’s career journey and what led her to All Voting is Local.

(23:40): Navigating the murky waters of voter policy and regulation objectively.

(28:35): Unpacking the polarization, misinformation, and disinformation around voting.

(29:39): Pragmatic steps for voters to take back their democracy.

(31:08): What Hannah thinks is the biggest issue facing democracy.