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May 16, 2024

In this week’s episode, NewDEAL CEO Debbie Cox Bultan talks with Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon. In 2022, Secretary Simon was named by TIME Magazine as a “Defender of Democracy,” and – as we pass the six-month mark in the lead up to November’s election – he talks about his work to make this election one with high turnout and low drama. Simon reflects on Minnesota’s historically high voter turnout over the years, how young voters are feeling about this election, and some of the exciting legislation he’s collaborated on this legislative session to both expand ballot access and bolster election security. Secretary Simon also talks about Minnesota’s historical accomplishments as early adopters of Election-Day voter registration starting in 1973 and longstanding laws that give eligible voters the option to vote from home. Tune in to learn about Secretary Simon’s early interest in current events and how that led him to public service, and his exciting story of meeting the cast of Hamilton.

• [01:04] Introducing Minnesota Secretary of State and New Dealer, Steve Simon.

• [02:21] The cautious optimism he currently feels in respect to the upcoming elections.

• [04:28] Minnesota’s consistently high election turnout.

• [08:03] Why 2023 was such an epic year for democracy especially in regard to legislation.

• [10:41] The reasoning behind opening voter registration to 18 year olds.

• [13:21] An insight into the sentiment of young people leading up to this year’s election.

• [20:26] Restoring trust in leadership through transparency.

• [25:31] Secretary Simon’s view on the partisan issue of voting by mail.

• [27:06] New means to detect the validity of information with the rise of AI.

• [31:16] Advice for those feeling apprehension about the upcoming elections.

• [33:39] The story of Secretary Simon’s first glimpse of public service.

• [36:14] Hanging out with the cast of Hamilton.