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Nov 2, 2023

In this week’s episode, NewDEAL CEO and host Debbie Cox Bultan talks with Georgia Representative Phil Olaleye, whose district includes parts of Atlanta and the city of East Point. Olaleye is a passionate education advocate, who also serves as the Executive Director of Next Gen Men & Women, a nonprofit that creates pathways of opportunity for under-resourced students to graduate prepared for college and career. He describes his path to public service, starting with his upbringing as the son of working-class immigrants, his experience in the PeaceCorps, and what it takes to break down barriers for Georgia students living in poverty. The conversation also touches on the bipartisan effort to defeat a private school vouchers bill in the state legislature, as well as the recent court ruling to require the redrawing of Republican-authored congressional and legislative maps that have diluted Black power in Georgia for generations. Tune in to learn why Rep. Olaleye is a dynamic, rising leader you need to keep your eye on.


[02:00] Meet Georgia Representative Phil Olaleye. 

[02:57] His introduction to public service and the learning curves he has experienced along the way. 

[04:45] How his upbringing ignited his passion for public service.

[06:33] The non-profit, Next Gen Men and Women, where Olaleye serves as the Executive Director. 

[09:24] What justice means to him and the Discovery Trips hosted by Next Gen Men and Women.

[14:42] Why representation is so important to move things along within the Georgia legislature. 

[15:14] Re-writing the unconstitutional maps in Georgia to restore voting rights for Black voters.

[26:00] Georgia’s failed Private Schools Voucher Bill.

[27:24] The role of education in the future of our society, particularly in Georgia. 

[31:40] The first bill Rep. Olaleye sponsored: The Georgia Educational Opportunity Act. 

[33:25] Why investing in children is the easiest and most important ROI. 

[37:30] How working in public service has pushed Olaleye to build an inquiring mind and sacrifice for others. 

[39:42] The story of how he fell in love with the work that he continues to do today. 

[40:53] His hopeful perspective for the future.