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Apr 25, 2024

Recorded at the NewDEAL Forum Ideas Summit in Phoenix, AZ, this week’s special episode features Oregon State Representative and recently elected majority leader Ben Bowman. He recaps Oregon’s uniquely short legislative session, shares what the rest of the country can learn from the state’s approaches to housing and addiction, and highlights the importance of campaign finance reforms. Ryan and Bowman also talk about his professional journey, his early engagement in public service through student government, and how he aims to foster bipartisan relationships in his new role. Tune in to hear his advice for other young, LGBTQ+ leaders who are interested in getting involved in public service but are afraid their voices won’t be heard. 



• [01:51] Ben Bowman highlights the recent Oregon Legislature short session and his
appointment as majority leader.

• [03:18] The key housing issues that were discussed and possible changes on the horizon.

• [05:35] Assessing the Oregon housing market and in particular, affordability.

• [06:51] How Oregon aims to curb its addiction crisis, and a brief look at California’s plans.

• [13:11] Our guest walks us through his state’s campaign finance reforms.

• [15:03] Ben’s professional journey and why he joined public service at such a young age.

• [19:15] His advice to minorities who want to get into public service but are too afraid to do so.

• [21:11] How he views his new role as majority leader, and how he plans to get the job done.

• [24:13] The bipartisan relationships he’d like to foster as majority leader.

• [26:14] Oregon in 2034, as projected by Ben.