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Mar 7, 2024

In this week’s episode, co-host Ryan Coonerty speaks with Maine Assistant House Majority Leader Kristen Cloutier. They talk about how Cloutier’s experiences caring for her mother influenced her to pass paid family leave in the Pine Tree State, the issue of housing affordability in her community, and how she balances her day job with family life and her role in public office. She also reflects on the recent mass shooting in Lewiston, how she’s found solace and support by sharing her experiences with fellow electeds, and why enacting common sense gun safety laws must start at the community level. Tune in to also hear how working with college students inspires Representative Cloutier to champion future-focused policy.


  • [01:05] Welcome to Maine Assistant House Majority Leader Kristen Cloutier. 

  • [01:38] An overview of what is happening in Maine at the moment. 

  • [03:21] Maine’s journey to becoming a democratic state. 

  • [05:05] National influence in Maine, especially with reference to border security.

  • [09:33] Affordability challenges and how they are being addressed for families. 

  • [13:05] Efforts to create paid family leave and Representative Cloutier’s role in it.

  • [18:30] Her journey of growing up in Lewiston, studying in Boston, and working in New York before returning to her home town.

  • [23:09] The challenge of balancing work and family life.

  • [29:19] Experiencing a mass shooting in Maine and how the state has responded to it.

  • [38:18] Where Representative Cloutier finds hope: in the future generation.