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Jul 13, 2022

In this week's episode of An Honorable Profession, NewDEAL Leader and host Ryan Coonerty talks with Nashville, Tennessee Senator Jeff Yarbro. Senator Yarbro and Ryan have a great discussion highlighting the cultural shift Tennessee has undergone, from a bellwether swing state to a staunchly red conservative stronghold. From his perspective as the Minority Leader of a caucus of 6, Senator Yarbro discusses the importance of highly motivated and versatile elected officials to do many aspects of the job well with so few resources. He talks about the need to apply multiple skills, compromise, and differentiate between Republican voters and the Republican national players when facing a majority as stark as that of the Tennessee legislature. Senator Yarbro shares three keys he believes could help turn the tides of Democratic hopes in rural areas of the country.

Listen now to discover how an internship with then-Vice President Al Gore pushed Senator Yarbro to eventually run for office himself!