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Sep 1, 2022

In this episode of An Honorable Profession, host and NewDEAL Leader Ryan Coonerty talks with Michigan Representative and Minority Leader Donna Lasinski, management consultant turned legislator, about the political situation in the State of Michigan and the important work she is doing there. Donna uses her experience and passion for the community to bring her ideas and perspectives directly to voters, actively knocking on doors and speaking to individuals in the community. In this way, she is able to forge genuine relationships and ensure voters see the change they want. Donna explains the reasons behind the political upheaval occurring in her state and the positive impacts the Democratic Party is achieving despite the disruption. We talk about how she gets things done as a political minority, the complex political situation in the State of Michigan, and the hope she has for the future of the Democratic party in the state. Hear about her successes working as a representative, such as implementing universal preschool, and her overall experience of politics. She also makes a compelling case for Michigan paddle boarding and demolition derbies. Tune in to hear an inspiring conversation about a minority representative driving change in her community!