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Sep 21, 2023

We're celebrating our fifth anniversary and our 200th episode of An Honorable Profession! Thank you to our listeners for being a part of this journey – we look forward to many more years of introducing you to inspiring leaders from across the country who are solving problems and making a difference. In this special episode, hosts NewDEAL CEO Debbie Cox Bultan and Ryan Coonerty are joined by Democratic National Committee  Chair Jaime Harrison, who shares his remarkable journey into politics and his vision for growing the Democratic Party. They discuss the outlook for and importance of the 2024 election, including the role of state and local leaders in showing how Democrats can deliver tangible results, how the Biden-Harris Administration has beaten the odds, and what the party is doing to defend democracy and combat voter suppression efforts nationwide. Tune in to learn more about why Harrison is hopeful for the future and his advice to young people looking to pursue a career in public service and elected office. 

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(0:01:05) A special mention honoring our 200th episode and fifth anniversary! 

(0:02:15) An introduction to guest, Jaime Harrison, chair of the Democratic National Committee. 

(0:03:37) The 2024 election and why this election cycle is so important for American democracy.

(0:05:40) What the DNC is doing to combat tactics that limit people’s ability to vote in the election.

(0:09:07) Chair Harrison’s message to voters on what sets the Democrat Party apart from the Republicans.

(0:12:30) An overview of the historic legislative achievements of this administration and the lack of coverage on these have received in the media. 

(0:14:10) How listeners can help ensure that people understand these accomplishments.

(0:17:10) Harrison’s remarkable journey, from his upbringing in South Carolina to becoming chair of the DNC. 

(0:22:08) Why Chair Harrison considers the Democratic Party to be the party of hope. 

(0:23:40) How a desire to make a difference fueled Jaime’s aspiration to get into politics and his advice to young people looking to get into politics.